Monday, April 16, 2012

RR 13: "Mies van der JOHNSON"

As modernism began to grow, we see later that there are numerous differences in the way/style of designers that began to group together.  Sculpted modernism during the late twentieth century became unique and strayed away from the geometric quo. One of the most famous shape men of modernism was Phillip Johnson, considered the closest subject of MieS.  Johnson was Mies's associate architect in the designing of a building in New York, the Seagram Building.  As stated, Johnson was a sculptor and molder of architecture to create new symbols and he began with a form for the Blaffer Trust in Indiana.  "Roofless Church" was created in 1960 from a rose that use to be symbolic for the community in New Harmony, Indiana in the early nineteenth century. About a decade after the "Roofless Church" Johnson and his con rad were hired by J. Hugh Liedtke to tackle a new project in Houston.  The Penzoil Place was the end result for the project creating a signature for his associates and himself.  The issue with building the Penzoil Place was literally stepping outside the box which was so popular and ordinary at the time.  His solution was to create a point by slicing the tops of the office buildings two towers at different angles with a prism at the base of them.  Form is key in today's society, because in most cases it creates a statement and in my design that is a strong goal derived from my background in the arts.  I never want my designs to be overlooked, I want them to be the first thing that catches your eye.


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