Monday, April 9, 2012

RR 12 Alternative Architecture; Architecture of the Arts

Created by ant farm, a group of artists and architects that were influential in the 70's.
House by Art Beal, Cambria, California
The fascination with geometric domes created the project Drop City by designers Gene and JoAnn Bernofsky 

In the early 1960's many young artists, architects, filmmakers, and builders came together to find another way to express their ideas in a way that is professional in the architecture field.  These alternative thinkers wanted to portray architecture as something that can be built from waste or elements that are considered unfit while still capturing an interesting form.  They also studied alternative architecture around the world opening their minds to what architecture could be.  They used what was considered the oddest of materials, like hubcaps and junk from wast sites, to create a visually and emotionally stimulating form.  The common interest in creating an emotional response is a trait carried by all the arts and in design.  Still today, we break out of the norm with simple or extravagant gestures in hopes of creating an appealing response from the public. 


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