Monday, January 30, 2012

RR 3: The Domes of the Hagai Sophia + Circles

The Hagai Sophia was a mosque, which is typical for a building with a dome.  A dome is an arch with a rotated center.  They are very eye appealing and give off a sense of spirituality like the members could feel closer to heaven. There are many complications when building a dome, because you have to take into account the weight of the building in comparison to dome.  The collapsing of domes were typical in early creations, but as time went on the thickness at the center point and the thickness of the base as it goes down around the dome created the solution.  The vaults that surround the base of the dome are there to help direct the force upward.  The circle/spherical design of the dome can be tied in with the concept of circles we have talked about in class.  The circle and the circular form that extends down the columns are inviting.  The walkways/hallways of the Hagai Sophia are just like any other building, created for movement, where as the domes structure gives off a bubble for socializing.  The mental and visual connection we make with circles will always be an establishment for socializing in architecture.


Sunday, January 29, 2012

BP1: Circles + Groves + Stacks

College Av. is the focal area for socializing and gathering on UNCG's campus. The circular molds into the campus' architecture bring about the openness for gathering.  As I watched out for circles on campus I also realized that they associated with the dining locations.  The EUC, Jefferson Suites, and College Av are all examples of how the circular design is present wherever food is located.  The designers realized that college students needed an inviting location to converse and the circle's ability to unify its surroundings was a great solution. 

The Faculty building's arched columns represented the vertical tree-like connection to the campus.  The vertical columns are present at almost every building on campus.  The different types of columns on the buildings are a representation of the different types of majors on campus and even as the different types of people on campus. 

The entrance to the Caf on College Av. is a great representation of stacks, because of its mountainous form.  The distinctive repetition of the tubed triangle's form creates a mass that implies gathering.  This is the only mass on campus with this design and like the circles it is an indicator of a gathering entrance or spot of socializing.  The immortality of circles, groves, and stacks in architecture are due to human behavior.  Circles, groves, and stacks are all about emulating the human body and how we interact when in certain environments.  In my experience you gather where it is inviting and that determines the rituals you take.

Monday, January 16, 2012

sunblock me

Sunglasses were created for the protection of our eyes, but as time went on they evolved into a means of identity.  Sunglasses come in various colors, shapes, and sizes, but you have to identify the sunglasses with the person. It's common for people to use sunglasses as a disguise, but I love it when someone takes off their sunglasses and you see the same vibe the sunglasses bring in their eyes.  My sunglasses represent the rebel in me, but they also express my softer more laid back side. My peers may not understand what my sunglasses say about me and they will make up their own interpretation, but my statement is the only truth.  The same can be said for design, there are always meanings within meanings in design, but the truth can only be revealed by the designer. 

What's in a name?

I am intrigued with using simple gestures to exceeding boundaries and that is how I would describe me as a designer.  My name is written in my normal handwriting with a black marker, simple.  However, I chose to use the background's chaotic environment to balance out the white in my name. Also the way I displayed my name (in my mouth) creates a bolder dynamic rather than just holding it up in my hand.