Monday, January 30, 2012

RR 3: The Domes of the Hagai Sophia + Circles

The Hagai Sophia was a mosque, which is typical for a building with a dome.  A dome is an arch with a rotated center.  They are very eye appealing and give off a sense of spirituality like the members could feel closer to heaven. There are many complications when building a dome, because you have to take into account the weight of the building in comparison to dome.  The collapsing of domes were typical in early creations, but as time went on the thickness at the center point and the thickness of the base as it goes down around the dome created the solution.  The vaults that surround the base of the dome are there to help direct the force upward.  The circle/spherical design of the dome can be tied in with the concept of circles we have talked about in class.  The circle and the circular form that extends down the columns are inviting.  The walkways/hallways of the Hagai Sophia are just like any other building, created for movement, where as the domes structure gives off a bubble for socializing.  The mental and visual connection we make with circles will always be an establishment for socializing in architecture.


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