Friday, April 27, 2012

Creating a Harmonious Edge (Final Project)

This assignment began much different than any other project we have encountered during our first year, because we were placed in a group with the task of deciphering a sheet of written music as well as it's sound.  The restrictions were the materials were were allowed to use, skewers and 12 planes of paper.  The piece we were given was chaotic with a melancholy back tone.  The end result of our interpretation was a large water bottle representing the back tone of the somber sound, the vertical skewers were representative of the chaos of the main sound, and the ragged to soft descending of the paper combined the two together.  From our understanding of the music we branched off and created our own design principle on how we would face the task of creating an edge between the music building on campus, Lake Daniel, and Market Street while visually and physically engaging them all.  After a constant battle of iterations I decided to create my edge by reshaping the ground with natural hills it would create an organic form.  Much like the water bottle I wanted to stay true to contrasting an organic shape with an abrupt vertical one.  The final result of the project combined all of the principles I valued in the very beginning of the project.  My color selection was created to stand out from the trees and the red brick of the music building.

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