Wednesday, April 25, 2012

BP 14: Influential Design

As the semester comes to an end I have had the privilege of understanding where my design eye originated and how over the known span of time it has evolved.  My object, space, building, and place are a pure reflection of the design principles I value and have evolved in my own designs. My firs object is a wooden door that has echoed the appearance of a shattering glass.  The simple change in materials, from glass to wood, has created a very dramatic effect on this door.  The abrupt spacing creates a dramatic shadow and also creates an uneven protrusion of the different blocks.  It's setting is in a white room with hardwood floors the same color as the door.  A reflective quality is created by mimicking the floor to the door and is extremely appealing to me.  The doorknob is slightly high, but I appreciate subtle misplacement of objects, because it trains observers eyes to being open to off beat objects.  My appreciation for sculptural art co-existing and balancing architecture has led me to the abstract overlapping of the wooden planks as my chosen space.
The disorderly and chaotic nature of the planks seem to be effortless and unthoughtful, but the form suggests    otherwise.  As we discussed in our lectures form fives off an emotional response.  Circles are inviting and pointy vertical structures are threatening.  The formation of the planks as the come down to the floor are creating arches and it makes the serious nature of a business room more inviting and comforting.  Also we know materials suggest certain emotional responses and the wooden planks which are not man made seem warming and nurturing. As I continued to search for this blog post I decided to choose a building that took nature and incorporated it into the building as it's focal point.  We had many lists of rules and beliefs throughout the semester, but I remember the belief of taking the land that you use and incorporating that design onto the rooftops.  The School of Art, Design, and Media in Singapore followed the rule and placed a blanket of grass overlapping the other in a harmonious design.  The abstract form is visually appealing from every angle as layers of glass windows are masked under the building.  As your eye level changes so does the view of the building.  The abstract circular form created is also appealing and inviting to the inhabitants of the building.  The building as a whole would be classified as modern from it's sleek shape and abstract form with simplistic qualities.  Also the building has a greater purpose for functionality, because the two overlapping panels create a vast amount of shade to cool the building easier. 
My final choice was the temple of Ramses II in Thebes for my place.  Though it is in ruins like the majority of the ancient Egypt artifacts I chose this place for the historic qualities that were repeated all throughout history.  The first columns(Doric) are shown in the picture as an archetype and as time has evolved we have added on to the very simple design in Roman times.  The unified centrality created by the four Pharaoh sculptures spacing is a design principle that is still with us today; even posts give off odd spaces and vice verse.  We also learned to embrace the circle and square, because most architecture branched off of either one or the other or a combination of the two.  During this ancient time, the Egyptians glorified the square/rectangle by using vertical and horizontals planes to achieve the glory of the city.  Though my previous selections for this blog post seem to fall on the line of modern and art deco, I wanted to choose one that showed how simple structures progressed and transformed throughout time.  However, my design methods originate for my adoration of the arts.  I appreciate simple structures that use repetition or simple forms that create a dramatic statement with a slight offset to the design.  Architecture and design that seems to stumble is what appeals to me, because I find distaste for settling, I'm almost never satisfied with becoming comfortable and conforming to what is around me.  The rebellious nature of blending in will both accelerate my designs and in some cases hinder them, but I'm a risk taker and I find the uncertainty appealing to my personality as do the object, space, building, and places I chose.  There was something offset about each of the designs I chose and that made this blog all the more personal than the others.


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